My 365 Project 2015 l Days 1-14 {Fine Art Lifestyle Childrens Photographer}

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So with the beginning of a new year I decided that I would give a 365 project with photos for 2015 a try, starting with January 1st. This is a daily photo of just stuff going on or trying something new, some days will have 2 or 3 that go together to tell a story.  I hopefully will be blogging these weekly from here on out but for the beginning of the project I had to post 2 weeks as I wasn't able to start right away. I hope you enjoy these little glimpses of life here in San Diego for this mama and photographer. <3

Love & Blessings,


{1/365- Jan. 1st-- I was going to just post the ones of daddy with his younger daughter but it's not often I get in front of the camera myself so I just couldn't decide. And even though this isn't the whole family, to me these together bring back the relaxed and fun environment of the first day of the year, as we spent it just enjoying each other as a family hanging out.}

{2/365- Jan. 2nd-- Playing with my Canon Speedlite flash while my little guy slept. He was so peaceful. I love sleeping pictures and I can't promise there won't be more this year! ;) }

{3/365- Jan. 3rd -- "Caught" my oldest while using my Canon Speedlite flash again while she was wearing her hat. She doesn't usually wear this so it was a totally unique to this day and moment capture. I love the look on her face, like 'oh no!', lol. My mother-in-law made this for her. :) }

{4/365- Jan. 4th -- We went to Balboa Park for our cousin's 9th birthday party! Waiting under the play structure for another shot I caught this one of my younger daughter as she walked over me on the walk way. The patterns are what caught my eye. :) }

{5/365- Jan. 5th -- My little night owl. On day 3 I caught him sleeping at night but most nights he is a night owl and this is how I find him. ;) }

{6/365 - Jan. 6th -- I LOVE my view out my bay window overlooking downtown San Diego. I have a feeling I'll be sharing a few different 'takes' on this view through this year. :) This is a long exposure shot through the plant that night, not a super busy night but still a few cars.}

{7/365- Jan. 7th -- Just a simple glimpse into everyday life around here, at least for now. Scattered toys at lunch time on the table. Someday I will love to look  back at these glimpses of childhood and remember when they were little. I'm so glad I can capture them now. <3 }

{8/365 - Jan. 8th -- Like I said on day 6, here's another 'take'  of the same view of downtown San Diego. This was freelensed which is a technique that gives it that dreamy feel and really brings out the peaceful feeling this view actually has sometimes. :) }

{9/365 - Jan. 9th -- We played a Frozen themed board game before big sister got home from school. I of course was Princess Anna ;) and you were so proud  when you won the second round 'Yessss!!'. }

{10/365 - Jan. 10th -- This little guy LOVES books! His face lights up when he sees one or has one in his little hands. He decided to show me his latest here on a lazy and cloudy Saturday afternoon. }

{11/365 - Jan. 11th -- "They say it never rains in southern California..." It was a rare rainy Sunday here in San Diego. After church we went to the store and here is my younger daughter being an 'old lady' with the umbrella. The rain on the window was just so pretty and peaceful even in the midst of the chaos of shopping in the rain with 3 little ones. }

{12/365 - Jan. 12th -- We played through the gate for a bit this morning. A normal Monday morning with my little man and then we danced, listened to worship music and and he danced half naked to me playing my guitar, oh my! This is how that morning started. <3 }

{13/365- Jan. 13th -- Looking over your shoulder as I adjusted the buttons on your dress and noticing how you are growing out of it, I thought of just how fast you are growing. I will cherish this view for as long as it lasts and hold on to these days for as long as I can. I am so blessed to be able to spend so much of this special time in your young life with you and your little brother and to be able to freeze these moments in time with my camera forever. :) }

{14/365 - Jan. 14th --"The shadow proves the sunshine..." (Switchfoot).  We played outside before lunch and you went right to this shadow and followed it to this pocket of light. Being a person of faith the way these two trees 'crossed' was just amazing and more than coincidence. :) }





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