ONE Night of Worship, ONE Body, ONE Word {Documentary Event Photographer in San Diego}

January 12, 2015  •  4 Comments

                                                 " CREATE in me a clean, clean heart...

                                                   CREATE in me, a work of art.

                                                   CREATE in me, a miracle...something real, something beautiful."

                                                 From the song: "Create in Me" by The Rend Collective Experiment

I had such an amazing time and was so blessed to be able to spend this past New Years Eve at a local worship event in El Cajon, in East County San Diego. There was also one going on at the same time in Encinitas, in North County San Diego. These were part of monthly events that are put on by ONE Worship Gatherings (click here for more information about these and future events put on by this local group of worship musicians and others here in San Diego). These events are at least 24 hours (sometimes a bit longer) of non-stop worship of believers from many different churches coming together as ONE body. There is so much freedom at these events I have found, as this is the third one I have been blessed to attend and photograph. Freedom in worship and expression of it. Yes, there is singing and music, but you will see dancing and artists and others who just quietly contemplate in a corner. All forms of worship. I have found personally a lot of creativity flowing out of me (and others) when immersed in it and after. Of course being a photographer, photography is the main way in which it seems to come through for me. My personal expression of worship. But as I sat for most of the night at this event and photographed and thought about the year ahead, one word came to mind over and over: Create.

With a new year starting, I had been thinking about choosing another word for this year as I have for the last 2. I've never really purposefully chosen one and this year was no different, as this just seemed 'right' for this year. Create. Not only creating through my photography, art and music, as acts of worship and just expressions of my heart in general, (this will definitely be something I hope will shine through here), but more than that. More than me creating and growing in creativity in what I do,  but also Him creating IN me something new and a work of art out of my whole life, not just out of what I DO.

I know this is a bit more personal and different than what I usually share here but I feel it  will be something that will be really exciting to see where it takes me not only in my photography, which isn't that what this blog is for, but with me personally this year. Following are what I 'created' that night and hopefully just the beginning of the creativity journey this year. Stick with me here on the blog and follow along, I'd love to have you!

For those who were at the event in El Cajon there is a link at the end of this post to the individual photos and for those at either event I would LOVE to hear your experiences in the comments section below! Enjoy.

Blessings & a Hapyy New Year,

Anna :)

Link to the gallery where you can download the individual photos! :


Michele Fabela(non-registered)
This was my 1st one worship event I ever attended. I recall getting there and being so moved by the Holy spirit that I felt there. I started texting the worship team from my church inviting any and all people I could think of to come and share what I was feeling!! Alas No One came that I knew. That did not matter by the end of the evening I had worshipped at the king's feet, smiled, danced, laughed, cried. I found a treasure!! I am honored to have attended many more of these functions after this One. I don't plan to stop!! Along the way I have met some beautiful People!! One of them being You Anna!
Selah Photography
Thank you Sheri Miles! I'm so glad that you enjoyed them. :)
Sheri Miles(non-registered)
Oh yeah...I was so happy to see the shots of the children gathered around me while painting.....that was such a moment of patient waiting on HOLY SPIRIT!!!!
Sheri Miles(non-registered) created a panorama of what PAPA saw that night.....HE is soo excited when we pour our love on HIM...HE pours back....and the angels in heaven rejoice at our times when we " lay it all aside just for HIM ".....such a powerful pack of photos!!!!
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