My 365 Project 2015 l Days 29-42 {San Diego Lifestyle Photographer}

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Wow, I can't believe weeks 5 and 6 are already done for the year! We are almost 2 months in and still going strong. This year is just flying by, so fast in fact that I seemed to have lost track of time and forgot to blog week 5! are weeks 5 and 6 together! Enjoy and links to the other weeks can be found here if you'd like to follow along/catch up from the beginning:

Weeks 1 & 2

Week 3

Week 4

Love and Blessings,

Anna :)


{29/365- Jan. 29th -- Daddy showing our oldest after school, pictures of her first trip to Disneyland, and telling her stories about it. Love.}

{30/365- Jan. 30th -- My younger daughter was on the tail end of getting over a nasty cold bug going around and she just needed a little more rest this day. She knocked out cold in the most lovely light from the overcast day outside and I couldn't resist taking a few sweet pictures of her like this. }

{31/365 - Jan. 31st -- But by the very next day she was ready to help make spaghetti (gluten free of course) for lunch! }

{32/365 - Feb. 1st -- Just your typical view from the front seat of our mini-van after church on any given Sunday. ;) }

{33/365 - Feb. 2nd -- After school slurpees and diaper clad playtime with little brother in the afternoon sunshine. ;) }

{34/365 - Feb. 3rd -- A rare week day when Daddy is home so I can get out on my own without the littles and just take a walk alone and scout locations and just enjoy. This day it took me to Balboa Park and this view of the Museum of Man historic tower that is a well known landmark. This view just really leant itself to a free lens shot which I sat down in the grass here and did. :) }

{35/365- Feb. 4th -- "Strength and dignity are her clothing. She smiles at the future." Proverbs 31:25 This day I decided to dig a little deeper into the word God gave me at the beginning of the year, which is create. But to look at how He is creating something new IN me, not just with the things I do (though I feel He most certainly has been doing that too). But I also felt creating a self-portrait that I feel confident in was important. This is something I struggle with but am learning to overcome through what He is creating in me. I somehow captured this hint of a smile and when I saw this I just felt like this is how I feel when looking at a picture of my child, no matter the imperfections seen by the outside world, they are beautiful. And somehow I just knew at that moment,  this is how He sees me and wants me to know that. Actually He sees all of us this way and I love this aspect of photography, being able to capture that for you to see too. :) This verse and picture are very special to me and I feel are an important piece of the creation he is creating in me this year.}

{36/365 -Feb. 5th -- Another wonderful sunset walk around the neighborhood with little man. What more can I say? ;) }

{37/365 - Feb. 6th -- Freelensed foggy Friday. A few foggy nights around here recently have lent an air of mystery to the air around downtown at night. I decided to go out and capture some of it this night. }

{38/365- Feb. 7th -- This one, tired but happy after a full day with abuelita and her brother and sister as mama and daddy had a rare Saturday all to themselves! :) }

{39/365 - Feb. 8th -- There's a block party every Sunday after church in the neighborhood around where we go. I believe it's actually put on by another church. But I like the vibe every week when we drive by so I decided to capture it this week! :) }

{40/365 - Feb. 9th -- Mailing day! I love it! Sent out some prints and a photo book and my daughter had some fun with the extra bubble wrap.}

{41/365 - Feb. 10th -- Golden hour and 'walking' sticks. My girls pretending these were their canes/walking sticks and just enjoying the gorgeous San Diego 'winter' weather. ;) }

{42/365 - Feb. 11th -- This day was so hard to pick one and honestly I'll most likely be blogging this whole little photo walk/session I took with my younger daughter yesterday afternoon/evening through some 'hidden gems' in the Bankers Hill area of San Diego. I ultimately went with this one because freelensing is just my favorite and this is one that I really feel just captures her. Be on the look out for more of these soon!}



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