My 365 Project 2015 l Days 22-28 {San Diego Lifestyle Childrens Photographer}

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Welcome back for another week of my 365 photo project for 2015! As the fourth week started it definitely was more part of the routine to capture a photo (or 2 or 3)  per day to include. But it also became harder to narrow it down what to share! I hope you all are enjoying so far and continue to as well. Here's most of the final week of the first month of 2015 for us here in San Diego. I'm really enjoying personally having these photos to look back on even after just 1 month! Can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds. If you'd like to see the first 3 weeks of January you can click here and here. Much Love and blessings! ~ Anna :)

{22/365- Jan. 22nd -- "The dawn is fire bright, against the city lights..." {Your Love is A Song/Switchfoot} Normally I am not up quite at dawn, especially as it's a little earlier these days of winter.  But a little over a week a go I stumbled out of bed not feeling well and half asleep and managed to catch a few shots of the sunrise light over the city. Then promptly went back to bed. Ha! Still, for a half asleep shot I definitely think it's not too shabby, lol. As I mentioned in week 1 this view out the southern bay window is just perfect and a favorite, and I knew it would probably be featured again this year. :) }

{23/365- Jan. 23rd -- Ahhh...what can I say about these images. I probably will do a small separate blog post of the whole set of these. But the light and everything came together perfectly to create a set of images I had a vision of pretty much since I started professionally doing portraits over 2 years a go. As a photographer, it was so exciting to see these come out so exactly like I'd envisioned for so long in the camera as I shot them, and I look forward to sharing them all here on the blog with you soon. This is my little guy in a jacket that abuelita (my mom) gave him and daddy's hat. I was using my favorite lens for this light, my old film lens. I use it for freelensing (as you've seen a little of , more to come this year!) but also with an adaptor as a 'standard' lens as I did here. But when used with this light it really produces such beautiful colors and soft backgrounds as you see here. This lens was ready to go on my camera, the light was perfect, and little man was ready to go out and play, so we did! Another gorgeous San Diego winter sunset this day for sure. }

{24/365- Jan. 24th -- Sunset sidewalk conversations with my seven year old and a little play-doh, because why not? We live in San Diego, why wouldn't we take advantage of the amazing 'winter' weather here? And well, play-doh is just plain fun no matter where you play with it! My little creative made this little play-doh alien from her imagination, love it. As you can see, this was just one of those days I could not decide for the life of me which to pick to share so here's a few from that lovely afternoon. }

{25/365- Jan. 25th -- Spent a lovely overcast Sunday afternoon in nearby Balboa Park with the whole family. We listened to my husband play his guitar (so talented!), met some doggies and their owners, climbed trees, played and I actually managed to get some family shots and did a little session of my own family. This is a little harder to do for your own family then you'd think, but well worth it. This too I hope to blog the whole session soon, but for now, here's my whole family (even me!) for my day 25 picture. I love it but I love them even more. :) }

{26/365 - Jan. 26th -- Evening play time before dinner and my younger daughter decided to grab her blanket and Sponge Bob pillow to make a 'bed' in the corner of the dining room floor. Why? Well, because it's fun of course! I got to hang out and play and capture her in her little camp out. }

{27/365 - Jan. 27th -- "Light, glorious Light, I will go where You shine...crack the skies, make the way bright before me, in Your light I will find, all I need is You..." (Oh How I Need You/All Sons & Daughters) This evening the sunset through the blinds just was so captivating. I instantly thought of these lyrics from a favorite song of mine. With this photo as a photographer, as well as a Christian, I almost find a double meaning in these words. I don't think I could ever get tired of capturing light in fun and different ways! }

{28/365 - Jan. 28th -- So this day as a lot of days I took out a guitar and was playing for my kids and I thought why not combine this passion with photography and try capturing it?'s the result! Music is definitely another artistic expression for me as evidenced by the many lyrics I like to accompany my photos when fitting, but also as you can see here. In fact, I started singing and playing before I really started my photography journey and I always love combining the two where and when possible.}

See you next week! :)





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