My 365 Project 2015 l Days 57-84 {San Diego Lifestyle Photographer}

March 31, 2015  •  1 Comment

Wow! As busy season has begun I somehow have gotten where I have an entire month to update you on for my personal 365 project! If you're still hanging in there I have still been able to take a personal picture every day for this. Yet with busy season and client photos taking priority I have been unable to update you with this fun project for a full month. So if you have a little time to browse here is an update for what I've been up to this past month in San Diego, besides photographing my wonderful clients! If you'd like to catch up you can follow this link:  to the last 365 post before this one and find the links to the first couple months as well. Relax and enjoy!
Blessings & Love,
{57/365-Feb. 26th -- A love note freelensed for someone special. <3 }
{58/365- Feb. 27th-- Coffee and a relaxing walk before the rain with a friend and her beautiful daughter were just lovely this Friday evening.}
{59/365- Feb. 28th -- The rain did come...and some more friend time this Saturday afternoon. Known this lady since junior high. Fun times relaxing to the rain and hanging out. }
{60/365- Mar. 1st-- Clean up after church still happens on rainy Sundays. ;) }
{61/365- Mar. 2nd-- Multi-tasking as a mom, cook and photographer. Editing in the kitchen while dinner prep happens. Of course music is happening too. ;) }
{62/365- Mar. 3rd-- She loves reading.  A little freelens capture of one of her favorite pastimes. }
{63/365- Mar. 4th-- View of downtown San Diego after church on Wednesday night. }
{64/365- Mar. 5th-- Met up with the sweet lady who makes these flags and hung out at Balboa Park at lunch and met some great people, prayed and showed off the flags, aren't they gorgeous? She'll make another appearance this month. ;) }
{65/365- Mar. 6th -- Full moon rising this last Friday evening before daylight savings time. }
{66/365- Mar. 7th-- After being gluten free for a little over a year now my craving for banana cake or bread had reached critical mass when I 'happened' upon this in my local freezer section. Craving satisfied. }
{67/365- Mar. 8th-- What to do with an extra hour of light and gorgeous San Diego weather on a Sunday afternoon? Playground! Daddy is just a big kid. ;) }
{68/365- Mar. 9th-- Decided to set up a new work space in front of this gorgeous view of the bay. :) }
{69/365- Mar. 10th-- Sleeping so peacefully. <3 }
{70/365- Mar. 11th-- My oldests artwork hanging above my new work space. }
{71/365- Mar. 12th-- Getting this prepped for the next day I noticed the reflection from the trees outside in it when I set it down. <3 }
{72/365- Mar. 13th-- Got funky as we brought worship to Balboa Park for the first time this 'lucky' Friday the 13th, and a hot one too! }
{73/365- Mar. 14th-- Blue hour was gorgeous this Saturday and Venus was even shining bright in the evening sky. }
{74/365- Mar. 15th-- My night owl making another appearance as he reclines on a Sunday evening with Daddy and I. }
{75/365- Mar.16th-- Peeking over my work I see this beauty doing her homework this Monday afternoon. }
{76/365- Mar. 17th-- Fudgiscles are the perfect after school treat for what else...St. Patrick's Day?! Lol. Oh well...still yummy. }

{77/365- Mar. 18th -- Wednesday's are art class days! Showing off the latest water color art. }
{78/365- Mar. 19th-- Another favorite pastime, after homework and such of course, is games on the iPad. }
{79/365- Mar. 20th-- Apparently coloring takes a ton of concentration for a 4 year old. }
{80/365- Mar. 21st-- At a photography meet up in Murrieta, Ca on a farm I was freelensing some shots. I looked up and caught a glimpse of this beautiful sunset over the hill. I went for it and love it. }
{81/365- Mar. 22nd-- I was invited to be a part of and capture a live recording at a beautiful home in Oceanside, Ca. for a worship/soaking C.D. This was part of prep and set-up. What an amazing night!}
{82/365- Mar. 23rd-- Bedtime routine. Daddy helping little man with his teeth brushing. }
{83/365- Mar. 24th-- Little man was enjoying his sister's show for a minute. :) }
{84/365- Mar. 25th-- Another gluten free treat. Pilsbury makes chocolate chip cookie dough and I like to make little muffins with it. Sooooo good! }
Thank you for taking the time to look through them all! See you next time! :)


Love these, Anna!
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