Selah Photography | My 365 Project 2015 l Days 85-112 {San Diego Lifestyle Photographer}

My 365 Project 2015 l Days 85-112 {San Diego Lifestyle Photographer}

April 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

Welcome back! Another month has flown by and it's time for another update on the blog  for my personal 365 photo project. We are already 1/3 of the way in! Wow! 100 plus days and still going.

This past month we hit that 100 day milestone, had Easter, Spring break and still managed to have lots of family time in between work and such.

If you've been following along, I am so glad to have you back! If you're new, welcome! And if you'd like to get caught up, here's the link to last month's post (which also includes a link back to previous entries.) : .

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Love & Blessings,

{85/365- Mar. 26th -- A tale of 2 Lee's...ministry and worship with a very special person my friend Laura (Lee) and I met at Balboa Park. This was a special moment as they laughed about her signing her cards for him.}
{86/365- Mar. 27th -- Friday fun at big sister's school picnic before Spring Break started! What a big boy! }
{87/365- Mar. 28th-- First day of Spring break for this one! A windy but sunny day playing with play doh outside, while mom freelensed with a 'new' lens.}
{88/365- Mar. 29th -- After church grocery shopping included some fun for these two with the fun shopping carts at Ralph's. Also included me almost getting run over by my husband! Lol. Anything for the shot! ;) }
{89/365- Mar. 30th -- A little fun with low light and freelensing with the before mentioned 'new' lens. Gosh she looks so grown up here! }
{90/365- Mar. 31st -- This girl and her She LOVES chewing on the ice after she finishes her drinks and most days this is how I find her. :) }
{91/365- Apr. 1st -- Little man being silly. He decided to 'make'  a little window and room with some dining room chairs this day. }
{92/365- Apr. 2nd -- My poor little one got this this look on her face when we told her to have sweet dreams at bed time. Then proceeded to tell us 'What if I only have bad dreams?' Aw sweetie. We prayed and she had sweet dreams. }
{93/365- Apr. 3rd -- Another Spring day of play doh fun! This was only one of 2 photos total I took this entire day. Being Good Friday I played worship songs instead while they played. What a blast. <3 }
{94/365- Apr. 4th -- Sunday's coming! Something about this out of focus freelensed shot of the sunset on Easter eve just reminds me of what this day in history meant and stood for. A day of disappointment historically and another sun set without Jesus but...Sunday's coming!  The shape of the tree looks like a person midway standing up to victory...Sunday's coming! }
{95/365- Apr. 5th -- Happy Easter...Sunday's here! 'You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of the dust.' }
{96/365 - Apr. 6th -- First day back to school after Spring break! A little freelens fun in the gorgeous after school light!}
{97/365- Apr. 7th -- Yay! Cheering on P.J. (in the little man bun here!) as he finished his song on the toy piano. The girls set up the chairs to watch him and tipped him with Legos in the Oreo cookie jar, seen here. Fun times. ;) }
{98/365- Apr. 8th -- A little messy after dinner cheesing for the camera. ;) }
{99/365- Apr. 9th -- Sometimes you just have to see things from another angle. ;) Getting creative and having fun with the 'new' lens as I held it up to the southern exposure bay window and bus stop outside and took a shot. }
{100/365- Apr. 10th -- National Sibling Day! And day 100, we made it! Wow can't believe I'm still going and a little proud of it actually, lol. This also happened to be National Sibling Day in the U.S. so I chose to include this fun shot of my 2 youngest snuggled on the couch that day. }
{101/365 - Apr. 11th -- Saturday nights were meant for drawing and coloring My Little Ponies with mama while your younger siblings are in bed. ;) }
{102/365 - Apr. 12th -- Mr. Tough guy on another after church grocery trip letting the breeze blow through his hair. }
{103/365- Apr. 13th -- My goofy girl, just because. }
{104/365- Apr. 14th -- Another beautiful San Diego day for a walk with little man! Enjoyed hanging in the grass and picking flowers at Balboa Park for a bit too. }
{105/365- Apr. 15th -- The three amigos, just chilling. ;) }
{106/365- Apr. 16th -- Hiding in her favorite bushes while I have fun with the light and shadows. ;) }
{107/365- Apr. 17th -- What a lovely Friday it was hanging out with new and old friends at Balboa Park for another fun time of worship. This gentleman brought a long a baby Taylor guitar. One thing I enjoy about taking photos is I can still sing a long and worship while snapping photos, which I did here! ;) }
{108/365- Apr. 18th -- Boy {noun} : 1. noise with dirt on it. Never fails, no matter how short of a time we go outside, this happens. :) }
{109/365- Apr. 19th -- Digging in the dirt is where you'll find her! Unlike her baby brother though she insists on promptly removing the dirt from her nails after...still just a girlie girl underneath! ;) }
{110/365- Apr. 20th -- Mr. Tough guy again , this time with a book. He LOVES books. This light is average most afternoons around here and I have definitely been trying to take advantage of it more...seriously it's gorgeous! }
{111/365- Apr. 21st -- This girl is non-stop, either talking or singing. ;) }
{112/365- Apr. 22nd -- Mid-afternoon nap for this little guy. This photo is special for so many reasons. I love the way he sleeps with his hands around this blanket, on his side just like me.  The blanket here is special too. It was the very first blanket he was wrapped in after he was born. Of course his precious little hands here are awesome too. <3 }
Thank you for stopping by and scrolling through! See you next time from sunny San Diego! ;)


Selah Photography
Thank you so much Melissa Rich! And thank you so much for the taking the time to look through them all. :)
Melissa Rich(non-registered)
So many great shots!
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